Only FMLS members have access to Remine Pro, a statewide exclusive. Remine Pro and Docs+ provides the versatility to create a reliable, custom platform to meet the needs of our members. It works seamlessly to prospect and conduct your real estate transaction from start to finish.

For example, Agents and Brokers can look up a listing’s Property Detail in Remine Pro, and with a click of a button, launch a new purchase-side transaction in Docs+. This process auto-populates the listing information into the transaction’s forms & contracts.

Also, all contact records in Remine Pro are available in Docs+ forms & contracts as suggestions when you start typing a name. Agents can then select a suggested contact, and the system will auto-fill their information saving you time by eliminating the need to re-type data.

As Remine continues to build additional integrations with their “MLS 2.0 suite”, forms, contracts and e-signatures become seamlessly connected to the real estate workflow.  And that includes full Transaction Management built-in for
our Brokers.

Finally, Remine’s Add/Edit input gives you the option to enter your listing to both FMLS and GAMLS – no need for duplicate entry.

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